Compete with other top traders to earn rewards and a coveted position within the Hall of Fame.

Make trade history for the next 100 years!

See how you match up against the competition

Make bigger returns

Sharpen your skills in a competitive atmosphere

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Earn rewards and try your shot at entering the Hall of Fame

Here is what you need to do

Step 1: Register Yourself Here

Sign up to compete in Cryptos, Options and/or Stocks Trading. 

Step 2: Complete Your Profile

Upon registration, Ensure that your profile is accurately filled for your submission. If you have an active Spiking Membership, your profile will be automatically filled. 

Step 3: Verify Your Identity

Ensure to include the front and back photos of ID Documents making sure they are clear and high resolution images. It should display clearly your photo, name and address.

Step 4: Submit Your Trades

Submit either your Best Percentage Trades, Dollar Value Trades or your Overall Portfolio Performance for each category you have registered for. 

All of these can be represented in your Activity Statement or Trade History on your respective third-party brokerage sites. 

Ensure to date your report from the 1st of January 2021 to 31st December 2021.
Sample of Interactive Broker Activity Statement.
To download Interactive Broker Activity statement, please refer here.
Sample of Binance Trade History.
To download Binance Trade History, please refer here.

Step 5: Complete your Submission

Get ready to become a World Champion! Be sure to read through the Rules and Agreement then select "Get Started!". 

Congratulation! you are now in the running to becoming a World Champion. Your submission will be reviewed by the 1st of February 2021 and you will be informed if you have won!



***Please take note that trading is not for anyone, and playing in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is not suitable for those who do not want high-risk trading.

Join the leagues and make big wins along with newbies, professional, and enthusiast traders like you!

Career Opportunity

With World Championship you will not just have the best chance to win big and make it big in the financial market but you can also build your career.

Once you are already a verified and vetted trading player, and have reached the board leaders you can be scouted by the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP scouting team to be part of its ADVISING TEAM.

To be part of the Advising Team means that you’ll be one of the main advisers that can give valid input to the traders. Once you are an advisor you can also earn a percentage from a team you are advising once they win.